• Suku ITEM #: 5526 ETHNICITY: Suku ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo SUKU FETISH FIGURE This Suku fetish figure (as called in older literature) or power figure, is attributed to the Suku/Yaka people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Teke ITEM #: 5548 ETHNICITY: Teke ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo TEKE POWER FIGURE: Teke artistic activities primarily involve the carving of figures that are infused with magical substances called Bonga. These powerful figures, also known as "fetishes" in the West, have different purposes and are owned by different individuals.
  • Yaka ITEM #: 2702 ETHNICITY: Yaka ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo YAKA M'BWOOLO FETISH FIGURE A Yaka M'Bwoolo Fetish figure, used by diviners in the healing and protection rituals that they held, also used by families and vliages to ward off evil.


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