Bamileke African Art

Discover the fascinating world of the Bamileke, the largest ethnic group in Cameroon. Inhabiting the country’s West and Northwest regions, they have a rich cultural heritage.

Under the guidance of a chief or fon, the Bamileke are organized into various groups. They speak closely related languages from the Eastern Grassfield branch of the GrassField language family, forming a dialect continuum with seventeen or more dialects.

The Bamileke are renowned for their breathtaking masquerades adorned with intricate beadwork, such as the awe-inspiring elephant mask. Here we have a collection of Bamileke African Art currently available.

Notable fondoms in which the Bamileke are organized include Bafang, Bafoussam, Bandjoun, Baham, Bangangté, Bawaju, Dschang, and Mbouda. While they share a common history and culture with neighboring fondoms, divisions arose due to territorial splits during colonial times.


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