• Baule ITEM #: 5699 ETHNICITY: Baule ORIGIN: Cote D'Ivoire BAULE MBRA MONKEY MASK: This Baule Mbra Monkey Mask is more popularly known as Gbekre, from the Baule people of Cote d'Ivoire.
  • Bozo ITEM #: 4515 ETHNICITY: Bozo ORIGIN: Mali BOZO HYENA MASK: This superb Bozo mask represents a Hyena, was used in entertainment-based masquerades, and was danced by the men in the community.
  • ITEM #: 2716 ETHNICITY: Dogon ORIGIN: Mali DOGON DYOUGOU SEROU FIGURE: This Dogon African art figure represents Dyougou Serou and is shown hiding his face in his hands in shame for his misdeed.
  • Dogon ITEM #: 2408 ETHNICITY: Dogon ORIGIN: Mali DOGON NOMMO FIGURE: At the heart of Dogon mythology lies the enigmatic figure of the Nommo—mystical beings who were both male and female, embodying the essence of the universe..
  • Luba ITEM #: 55011 ETHNICITY: Luba ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo LUBA CARYATID HEADREST: The Luba Caryatid Headrest is a remarkable object that belonged to the privileged class of the Luba people in earlier times.
  • Idoma ITEM #: 5698 ETHNICITY: Idoma ORIGIN: Nigeria IDOMA 'ALUSI' FIGURE: The present figure depicting one such 'divine being', also known as 'Alusi', clearly belongs, on the grounds of its stylistic features, to the southern settlement area of the Ibo (Onitsha region): This specimen is impressively antiquated with a weathered patina. The coiffure is an icon pattern of threaded hair braid common among West Africans.
  • Lega ITEM #: 4506 ETHNICITY: Lega ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo SUKU FETISH FIGURE Lega Kalimbangoma figures were owned by a high-ranking Bwami, typically a Lutumbo lwa Kindo or Yananio.
  • Makonde ITEM #: 3342 ETHNICITY: Makonde. ORIGIN: Tanzania. MAKONDE MATERNITY FIGURE: Of a large, irregular, shaped head with Makonde trade mark facial scarifications, this female Makonde maternity figure is believed to represent the common female ancestor, the life-force of the early Makonde households of matrilineal kinship but headed by men.
  • ITEM #: 4510 ETHNICITY: Dogon ORIGIN: Mali SEATED DOGON FEMALE FIGURE: A key figure is the seated Dogon female figure, representing the Primordial Couple, source of authority in their society supported by eight nommos.
  • Songye ITEM #: 4036 ETHNICITY: Songye ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo SONGYE KIFWEBE NKISI: This Kifwebe style power figure (nkisi) was crafted by the Songye, Nkisi (singular) and Mankishi (plural), to resist wizardry and witchcraft.
  • Bamileke ITEM #: 55055 ETHNICITY: Bamileke ORIGIN: Cameroon Grasslands BAMILEKE KUOSI SOCIETY ELEPHANT MASK: the Bamileke Elephant Mask, a venerable artifact that embodies the pinnacle of social rank and power from the Cameroon grasslands.
  • Guere ITEM #: 4513 ETHNICITY: Guere ORIGIN: Liberia / Cote D'Ivoire GUERE DHI GLA MASK: Guere Dhi gla masks also sometimes appeared at funeral festivals and were also associated with profane festivals. .
  • Vai ITEM #: 4501 ETHNICITY: Vai ORIGIN: Sierra Leone, Liberia. PORO SOCIETY MASK: The Poro is the secret society for men, responsible for initiating boys into manhood, This Poro Society Mask was used in initiating ceremonies by the Baga.


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